Master Pees


It all started when

I went to the book store named Strand on the broadway, and before that I had walked  for 5 hours and drank a lot of water. I found that in that area, the book store become the only place I can go to use the restroom. And I found that many restrooms are very tricky in many ways, people don't talk to each other, don't look at each other, even no eye contact, because once you go into a restroom, you are going to take off your pants, and in this public space, you exposing your private becomes a normal but also a little uncomfortable thing.


So I imagine if there's a game you can play in the restroom to relax people from such an uncomfortable atmosphere, then a shooting game for man's urinal gradually come into my mind. After the long trip to that bookstore, I went back home and sketched these ideas out immediately, and I decided to work on the third one because that is one of my favorite game when I was a small kid. it will be super cool to have this space ship battle game on the urinal.


I choose the third one to start prototyping because it was one of my favorite game when I was a kid.


After I finish some illustrations, I feel like making a short video is the best way to tell this idea to other people, so I make it. 


The video comes out super funny I guess, then I really start to think about how to prototype a urinal game like this, put a screen on the urinal? No, that's too expensive, after few days struggling, I started to think about another game which can achieve the same goal, my goal is very simple, make the restroom not that uncomfortable mentally.

So based on the concept, I pushed the idea forward and start to work on the urinal game Ver.2 which named master piss, the concept of this game is when you peeing on different part of the urinal it will give out different kind of sound, you can create a song by just standing there peeing.