Gap in my thesis

The work shop on Monday have me a clear understanding of what I miss in my thesis and what I am going to do the following 45days.

My thesis title is: Activating the Bedroom generation by Gamifing Public Spaces. In the beginning, I interviewed a lot of gamers and game designers, but the gap in the interview part is that I didn't do enough interviews around public spaces or people who work for public spaces.

For the understanding of the entire topic, I should argue more around pubic spaces, what are public spaces, are these public spaces have to be physical? or they can also be digital? Arguing the meaning behind the word public spaces is very important and I can get a totally different perspective to my project after that.

And there are a lot of different kinds of emotions behind different games, what I want to design and what kind of social impact I want to pass to gamers and other people is very important, I need to remake my system map to have a better understanding of the relationship between different stakeholders in the map.