Where is this going...

At the beginning part of this blog, I would like to thank Abby for letting us know that there are only 71 days left for my thesis. Am I worried? Well, not at all, because I alright can feel nothing, lol. This is a bad joke. Alright, I would like to say I am still not worried, because every class, every professor we have this semester is super awesome, there's nothing I need to worry about.

For the next 71 days, I think there are lots of things I need to do, I would like to list it out. 

  1.  All chapters for my thesis book.
  2. Experience design for my thesis
  3. 3 dimensional products for my thesis
  4. Refine my thesis system map
  5. Interview more gamers and expertise
  6. Explore further for my service design
  7. More App need to be developed 

I think some of the work above contains a lot of content and I think especially for my thesis, every part is pretty complicated, what I mentioned before in the class is that every game is a whole system and each part of the system have very close connections and consequences. It takes me a lot of time on figuring out what these connections and consequences are and how it works. 

I choose to gamify everything because I really enjoy doing what I am doing. Gamifying is not only a part of my thesis, but also I think it should be a part of the rest of my life, I wish to bring this fun to more people.

Today's Workshop

During the workshop we communicate our intent based on one of our thesis project, I choose my 3DPD project, which is a wearable tech, it is a kind of equipment, you can play games everywhere. It's like a Avatar, you put the equipment on and you become any character you want to be in the game. The persona I choose here is a business man who like to play games during the breakfast time, lunch time, and on the way go and off work.

For the context, I think it could be a pretty big area, during the lunch break, by the time you step out of office, you can transform into the character immediately. So the office building will be a awesome place to get in to a fight. Street, park, restaurant, railway system, I imagine every public space can be come the battle ground of this game.

For the channel, I think there are many channels can be great for this product, like advertisement on NJT, GameStop, on the cup of some coffee shop, in App advertisement, even the advertising board on the taxi. And the game itself is also a channel to let everyone know about this product, gamers can be the channel because they will wear this every day. The conversation between people will be come a big channel for the game.