Nicole Fenton on Editors, and Controlled Vocabulary Workshop

Today we have workshop with Nicole who work in 18F, she shared he experience as an editor and help us about how to hiring editor and how to manage the relationship with editors. So based on what I wrote last week about Linguistic Choices, she held a workshop for us checking the writing we have to make it clear about what is not being totally understand by your audience.

The workshop went pretty well, I noticed that not my gramma but also some of the explanations were not correct which lead to my audience can't understand what I was trying say.  So this part is very helpful to me, and the whole lecture is really awesome, very solid and clear.

Basically, she introduced some different type of editing, like developmental editing, technical editing, copy editing etc, this introduction helps us on what kind of editing we need. She also introduced: 

  • Project budget
  • Pricing structure
  • Deadlines
  • Preferred communication channels
  • Approach and process
  • Rounds of edits/feedback
  • File format
  • Base style guide

These things to me are very helpful because without these information I can never know how to manage the working process with an editor, she give us a boost to our destination.

We learnt about what is high level feedback, what is low level feedback, when to to give low level feedback and when to give high levels. This part we learned how to communicate with editors so we can refine our writing efficiently.