Me And My Thesis

Respawn: Activating the bedroom generation by gamifying public spaces

This is my thesis title. 

Why do I choose this topic? First please let me introduce myself.

My name is Teng Yu, I am from China, and now a second year graduate student in PoD, School of Visual Arts. I have industrial design background, I played the flute since I was eight, I love sneakers, basketball, games and classic music.

When I was a little kid, I used to played with my cousins, I remember it was before year 2000, they already had video games like Nintendo Super Mario. When I went to primary school Some of my friends also played Gameboy, a handheld game console. I was so admire these kids and because my parents forbade me from touching video games without their permission, I was so desired to play video games because of curiosity and definitely because of the fun I never experienced before. 

My parents bought the very first computer of our family, and what made me excited was that they installed a game for me, The Counter Strike. It's the very first time I can play games in my own house! And I just can't stop until now.

Five years ago, I went to the college. In China, many college have very messed dorms, I live in a four people's dorm and neighbors are my other 25 classmates, at first half of them didn't play games, and two years later, only one or two didn't play games. This is when I play games for the most of the time. We all loved playing games but there's one thing happened which changed my point of view to games totally.

One of my friend, Lee, who is a quite and shy person in public, only communicate with his roommate after school back in the dorm. he started to play games at the second year after he went to college, and it changed his life. As more games he played,  gradually, he lost his interest to the outside world, he started to be absent on the class, no homework uploaded, called for food deliveries, sometimes there's no respond when I went to his room to say hi, we used to be pretty good friends, he spent 2000RMB on games which is not acceptable to his family, he didn't graduate with us. The last time I saw him, he was sitting in from of a screen, I could see that he was trapped deeply inside of it. It break my heart.

After I came to NY, busy school work push me forget about the past gradually, but when I had the opportunity to think about what I really want to do for thesis, this painful memory recall to me and it really against my believes. I am a gamer, I believe that games bring good thing to people, the reason of that bad thing could happen is because he was out of control. I don't know how to pull him back, but I believe that I can use design to help people who is still in control. 

With the increasing development of technology like computer and other smart devices, It seems like high technology is improving our life but there's still a lot of hidden troubles about doing bad to our physical and mental health. My thesis focus on awaking the body of the bedroom generation and activating their social tendency by gamifying public spaces. I want to know how games and public spaces effect the bedroom generation and how to create a gamified public space to pull the bedroom generation out of their troubles.

The reason I choose to gamify public spaces is that, people in public space have more potential to communicate with each other, it will help the bedroom generation have more connection with others. Games are not only for the bedroom generation, everyone can get joy from games, creating common language is good for them be more social.

This is just a introduction of my thesis and my point of view. I will upload my work and my ideas every week from now on until I finish my thesis.