Goals & Objectives

The goals of my thesis are motivating people to go to the public space, to have more in person interaction. Hope this combination of Virtuality and Reality can bring joy to them, so they can gradually lose their aggression, motionless habit.


Last semester, on thesis defense, I have a pretty good start with bringing joy to people and leading physical movement in public, but the work I did was still close to virtual games and not that much interactions were included. 

For now, the experience design I am working on provide more physical activities and in person interactions in public spaces, and the gaming style and the role play can be very interesting part on entertain people. 

In the end, I wish the project I work on for my thesis can really help people get rid of the aggression and enjoy the fun of the game, the gamers can play games with everyone even people who don't play games, they can have fully physical engaged interactions in the game assembled with reality and virtuality.