The Audiences & Markets of My Thesis

I believe that designing for the audiences of a certain area is not only about what their problem is or how to change people's behaviors, but why we doing that, why they can believe what we believed. So I think persona is definitely a good way to analyze and explore the "why", why they are doing this or looks like this, and the "how", how they think and how should I think,  and finally the "what",  what they do and what I can do.

So in my thesis, the prioritized highest must be the bedroom generation, which I would prefer to call them gamers. following are the persona I made for gamers based on the interviews I had and my knowledge.

This is John, who is 27 years old. He live in Bridgeport, Connecticut with his girl friend. He work as a bank assistant from 9am to 5pm every weekdays. He doesn't have many friends because he always feel talk too much everyday so all he want to do after he go home is being alone. He likes playing video games especially after VR came out. He love VR games so much, he can spend hours and hours on it very day after he off work.

He believed VR will change people's life and he want to spend more time on it to have fun. He used to play with the Play Station 4 and he bought a lot of video games, which lead him loose interest to normal people, and normal social life. He thinks it's more interesting to meet fake characters in a virtual world.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 02.50.46.png

This kid is 11 years old called Peter, he is a 5th grade student of a primary school in Boston. He lives with his parents and his elder brother who already in high school. he doesn't get along well with his classmates in the school,  he always alone playing cellphone games, it seems like cellphone is his only friend, most of the time at school he can't be happy except when he playing cellphone, so gradually cellphone means more and more in his life. He can't have fun play games with his classmates, so he looking cellphone for help and a cellphone can definitely make a kid happy, but Peter  can't learn too much about social activities from cellphone games.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 02.51.15.png

This is Bill, a college student who live in Baltimore, he live with his parents and a big dog, he don't talk to people very often, he might do it on social network. His favorite game is Pokemon Go, he love catching Pokemon and the feeling of collecting different species. He used to be more fat then how he looks like now, Pokemon go help him do more outdoor activities, but he is still shy about talking to people directly and this is why he never has a girl friend. He also play computer games, he know a lot of people online but they all use fake name and using gaming world to communicate with each other.

These are the understanding of persona for now, I will keep updating once I make progress, or some thing need to be changed.